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Frames - UPSCO distributes Frame scaffolds worldwide. Whether painting the inside of a lobby, applying exterior finishes or bricking a tall building, UPSCO can provide durable frame scaffolding and accessories for any job while keeping costs down. UPSCO’s enormous rental and sales fleet offers the flexibility that meets the customer's needs.

System Scaffold - When job accessibility is the question, and versatility is the only answer; UPSCO's system scaffolding rental fleet is the solution. Ease of assembly and transportability are key reasons to use this type of scaffold. All products are galvanized for the variety of conditions that scaffold use is subject. Let UPSCO be your answer for any temporary, fixed access requirements.

Suspended - For use on most any specialty access job site, UPSCO maintains a large fleet of rental and sales "swing stages." Modular platforms and walk-thru stirrups allow for any size footage increment above 3 feet. Factory-trained service personnel thoroughly inspect every motor And to help you plan your project UPSCO retains SIA suspended scaffold trained experts on its staff. Suspended scaffolds allow durable and productive access solutions, while maintaining the maximum level of safety, productivity and comfort.

Erection Services- UPSCO's industry-trained, OSHA-compliant staff will erect scaffolding in the most time- and cost-efficient manner; while adhering to the maximum level of safety standards. And when the job is complete, UPSCO's highly-experienced, expertly-trained employees will be there to dismantle the scaffolding. Combined, UPSCO's staff members have years of experience in construction and offers innovative solutions to even the most complex needs. Allow our experts to discuss, design and build to your needs.