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With its superlative adaptability Allround
scaffolding is the obvious choice for very
irregular façades. The advantages of
Allround scaffolding really come to the
fore when the building has projections,
recesses, cantilevers and niches.
With Allround scaffolding all tasks can be
carried out extremely efficiently. Allround
meets many different requirements at the
same time, acting as a work and protec-
tive scaffolding for bricklayers, concrete
workers, carpenters, plumbers, roofers,
plasterers and painters.
Allround scaffolding has been granted
building authority approval as façade
scaffolding by the Deutsches Institut für
Bautechnik under Z-8.22-64. Where the
configuration requirements differ from the
standard assembly, structural strength
verifications are quickly available, thus
ensuring that erection is not delayed